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Taking A Walk by hoevelkamp Taking A Walk :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 45 12
Bones of the world Wallpaper by hoevelkamp Bones of the world Wallpaper :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 7 3 MartianWarrior by hoevelkamp MartianWarrior :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 31 9 NewBeijingDA by hoevelkamp NewBeijingDA :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 67 21 Eyjafjallajokull by hoevelkamp Eyjafjallajokull :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 136 23 Kolossos by hoevelkamp Kolossos :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 51 20 Nerdvana by hoevelkamp Nerdvana :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 6 1 wishful thinking by hoevelkamp wishful thinking :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 8 13 Cosmic Overkill by hoevelkamp Cosmic Overkill :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 77 15 Big City Lights by hoevelkamp Big City Lights :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 23 2 2012 by hoevelkamp 2012 :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 26 10 my inner geek commands by hoevelkamp my inner geek commands :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 13 12 Gateway by hoevelkamp Gateway :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 94 51 Sunshine Reworked by hoevelkamp Sunshine Reworked :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 207 26 Desktop 10 2011 by hoevelkamp Desktop 10 2011 :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 15 2 Sunshine by hoevelkamp Sunshine :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 99 8 ... not another one ... by hoevelkamp ... not another one ... :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 69 23 otherland by hoevelkamp otherland :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 118 49 blazing skies by hoevelkamp blazing skies :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 55 30 Dust by hoevelkamp Dust :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 137 10 Ambrose by hoevelkamp Ambrose :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 96 27 tranquility by hoevelkamp tranquility :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 126 79 Observation Deck by hoevelkamp Observation Deck :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 25 5 UpsideDown by hoevelkamp UpsideDown :iconhoevelkamp:hoevelkamp 157 49


otterluver Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your gallery is absolutely breathtaking.... Makes my work look like a grain of sand in a whole universe of awesome.
Bahahahaha that was a terrible.. sorry.
paisis123 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you ever Heard of Space engine?
Its a Free Real time simulation of the universe
It might inspire you alot in more art works!
hoevelkamp Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012   Digital Artist
I'll make sure to have a look at it. Thanks for the tip. :nod:
onitonari Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
watch this gallery + listen to Pan.thy.monium "The battle of Geeheeb" = pure awesomness
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